The goal of the conference is to stimulate the transfer of drydocking knowledge and information to personnel in the drydock industry. Presentations given by various experts in the field will cover unusual, unique and problem drydockings, with opportunities for all attendees to take part in discussions and participate at the conference.

2020 Conference topics include (topics are subject to change):

    Dry Dock Construction - Conception Through Delivery
    Dry Dock Equipment
    Dry Dock Spatial Assessment Tool
    Dry Dock Upgrade
    Drydocking/launching with airbags
    Drydocking/Undocking Accidents
    Drydocking/Undocking from the Vessel Operator Perspective
    Economic Aspects of Drydocking
    Emerging Dry Dock Technologies
    Floating Dry Docks - Civil/Structural Design Aspects and Applications
    Heavy Lift Operations - USS Fitzgerald and USS McCain
    Ship Loading Issues for Drydocking
    Special Drydocking Situations
    Unique Drydocking Operations - One Vessel on Two Dry Docks
    Wooden Ship Drydocking -  Drydocking of the USS Constitution


There will be areas for displays and tables for handouts/brochures. Vendors, consultants, and representatives are encouraged to bring and distribute information at the conference.

Conference Schedule

The conference will be held Thursday-Friday 17-18 September 2020.

Thursday , 17 September
     7 a.m. -  8 a.m.           Check-in/Registration
     8 a.m. -  8:30 a.m.      Introduction
     8:30 a.m. - 12 p.m.     Presentations
    12 p.m. -  1 p.m.          Lunch
     1 p.m. -  5 p.m.           Presentations
     5 p.m. -  7 p.m.           Informal gathering

Friday , 18 September       
    8 a.m.  -  12 p.m.         Presentations
   12 p.m. -  1 p.m.           Lunch
    1 p.m.  -  4 p.m.           Presentations
    4 p.m.  -  5 p.m.           Open discussion and conference wrap-up
Conference Fee

The conference fee is $750.00 (if payment is made early) - see Online Payment or
Registration Form.

Attend the Conference via live stream Webinar

Unable to travel to Virginia Beach to attend? The 2020 Dry Dock Conference/Advanced Training forum is also available via live stream Webinar. With the live stream Webinar option, you will be able to remotely tune in to watch all conference speakers and ask questions and make comments!

Registration is now open. Go to the Zoom registration link:

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