DM Consulting provides Dry Dock Training, Dry Dock Conferences,
Dry Dock Software and Dry Dock Consulting for:

  • Dock Masters/Docking Officers/
    Dry Dock Crews
  • Engineers/Naval Architects
  • Shipyard/Program/Project Managers
  • Port Engineers/Marine Surveyors
  • Owners' Representatives/On-site
  • Ship Owners/Crews
  • Port Managements/Authorities
  • Consultants
  • Others Allied, Involved or Interested
    in the drydocking of Ships and Vessels
















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"The course was excellent, straight forward and comprehensive. Instruction was great, expected
"death-by-power point" but was pleasantly surprised. I am better acquainted w/ dry dock basics after the course and can trust the accuracy of the training based on the extensive experience of the instructors. Thank you! Very informative, very thorough."   - David, Australia


The next Dry Dock Conference/Advanced Training Forum is set for September 2020
in Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA.