Jack Brown

  • Training Specialist
  • Responsible for over 150 safe docking and
  • undocking operations
  • Conducted Dock Master training and dry dock
  • consulting through his company ALBRAVCO
  • Former Commanding Officer of the US Navy's
    Floating Dry Docks STEADFAST (ARDM-14)
    and SUSTAIN (AFDM-7)

About Our Company

Established in 2000, DM Consulting is recognized worldwide as the leading authority on the drydocking of ships and vessels. With over 100 years of drydock experience, DM Consulting
brings clarity and organization to an otherwise complex set of drydocking principles.




Joe Stiglich

  • President, Chief Engineer, and Training Specialist
  • Responsible for over 300 safe docking and
    undocking operations
  • Masters of Science in Naval Architecture and Marine
    Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of
    Technology (MIT)
  • Retired US Navy Docking Officer

Alex Stiglich

  • Engineer and Training Specialist
  • Special Projects Manager
  • Conducted drydocking operations on a variety of
    drydocking platforms
  • Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering
    from University of California San Diego (UCSD)

Frank Russell

  • Operational Expert and Special Projects Manager
  • Responsible for over 500 safe drydocking and
    undocking operations
  • General Dynamics NASSCO Dock Master (retired 2014
    with 27 years experience)
  • Launch Master for 23 safe launching operations
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